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Tracing the Marathon’s Millions.

Monday, April 12th, 2010


If you have’t yet seem the Dispatches Programme on Channel 4 on where exactly the money you raise for the marathon goes, then I strongly suggest you click on the image above and take a look.

I have long known the extortionate amounts of money that the race organisers charge every charity for a place and now it appears that Dispatches have a few questions of their own to ask.

As always there are always two sides to every story, so take a look at the Dispatches Programme, still available to view on the Channel 4 website, then take a look at The London Marathon Press Release in response to the programme and let us know your thoughts on the subject.

Did you have any idea of the facts in the Programme?

Disgusted with how much of you hard earned money goes to the Organisers?

Or is this just business and have Dispatches only given us a one eyed on the matter?

Post your comments below and let us know where you stand.

“David Cameron” Caption Competition to Win Free Brooks Kit!

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

David takes a walking break

Although you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a shot of David Cameron taking an idle stroll  in between meetings of how he plans to get the keys to Number 1o – it’s actually a shot of Big D taking a breather.

Taken in London, it is understood that during his morning jog, fatigue got the better of D.C and he took a cheeky walking break – until of course the Paps saw him and all of a sudden he found some strength to resume his easy jogging pace of 7 min/mile – (this is of course unsubstantiated)

Whatever angle you want to take, be it a political dig or jibe at his lack of fitness, feel free to post as many “headline” or “speech bubble” captions as you like for this shot for your chance to win free Brooks Gear and signed copies of The Marathon and Half Marathon: A Training Guide” and “From Flab to Fab.”

Entries close on 31st March 2010 so get posting and Good Luck!

Brooks Black

“Gordon Brown” Caption Competition to Win Free Brooks Kit!

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

gordon running

Although your money would probably be on David Cameron to see off Gordon in a running race, rumour has it that Big G has been out running the streets of London with a Personal Trainer and a handful of body guards to keep himself in shape and keep those stress levels under control.

Whether he’s in training to prove his doubters wrong and  getting ready to take on  David C in a one on one in the upcoming Sport relief miles is not known, but what i do know is that there must be dozens of captions you can put to this picture of Big G running away from his cabinet chums.

Entries close on 31st March, so plenty of time to think of a witty, insulting (within reason) or observational caption to go with this picture. You can post as many as you like and feel free to post one on David Camerons image in the above post too .

The winner will be choosen by the fitAQS team and win some free Brooks running kit, with two runners up receiving a copy of “The Marathon and Half Marathon: A Training Guide” and “From Flab to Fab

Now get thinking!

Good Luck!

Brooks Black

Tea – The New Weapon to Fight Heart Disease

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009


Builders may not have the best reputation for being the healthiest specimens of human beings on the planet, but if a recent study is to be believed, the copious amounts tea they stereotypically drink cannot only help to ward off heart disease but also aid in boosting brain function.

Research, funded by the Tea Advisory Panel  “TAP” (you couldn’t make it up), discovered that drinking 3 or 4 cups (2 mugs) of black tea a day, with or without milk, dramatically reduces the risk of heart attacks, keeps the body hydrated and helps to improve general alertness and mood.

And if that wasn’t enough – Tea also appears to have anti-Cancer properties.

The reason researchers believe that Tea has such an impressive effect on health is all down to the natural plant antioxidants called polyphenols. It is thought that polyphenols interact with the biochemistry of the body and have an anit-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, helping to guard against heart disease and cancer.

This is all very fascinating, but what intrigues me is that in the very same press release which was sent to me yesterday, it goes on to say that after water, Tea is the UKs most popular drink with over 77% of Brits enjoying  just over 2 mugs of tea a day, whilst on the next page stating that Heart Disease is the UKs biggest killer.

So, in the one breath are told that Tea is our saviour and to safe guard us against Heart Disease we should drink at least 2 mugs a day yet the article then goes on to say that as a nation, we already drink bucket loads of the stuff anyway.

So, the question i have for TAPS is this:

If Tea was really that much of health saviour, how come that despite the fact that as a nation we are drinking the stuff like it was going out of fashion, Heart Disease is still the UK’s biggest killer?

Power Plates – Is This The Evidence We’ve Been Waiting For?

Sunday, May 17th, 2009


As you’ll have read from my original article on vibrating plates, i neither think they are a miraculous invention or a complete waste of time – i just think they are a little over hyped. In my opinion, Power plates can be used as part of an exercise regime and if used properly by chosing a few select exercises, they can certanly help to firm up flabby muscles and give us a bit more tone.

However, do i now have to eat my words and admit that power plates may be more effective than i originally thought?

A recent article printed in The Daily Telegraph, reports of a new study carried out by a Belgian physiotherapist whose findings on the effectiveness of power plates on weight loss may come as great news to power plate fanatics and the overweight population.

Physio Dirk Vissers (surely his middle name can’t be Diggler – i’ll try and find out) carried out experiments on 61 overweight and obese subjects over the course of a year.

And the results……

The group who exercised on the Power Plate lost an average of 11 % of their body weight, compared to just 6.9% in the group who exericsed using more traditional methods. Both groups were placed on a restricted diet. More interestingly still, apparently the group usng the power plates lost alot of their excess weight from their stomachs and kept it off.

So, is this irrefutable proof that Vibrating Plates are they the way forward and that performing a series of exercises on a platform that shakes your bits is the answer to long term weight loss?

I’m not convinced, or at least i’d like to see the exact details of the experiment, such as:

  • How overweight were the group using the power plates? As overweight as the other group or was their BMI significantly higher. If so, they were always going to lose more weight, whether they used power plates or not!
  • What is Dirks definition of “conventional” exercise?  A “floor” based workout using ankle and wrist weights or running at varying intensities 3 times a week and progressively upping the volume of training as  the subjects adapt and get fitter?
  • Lastly, could Power Plate have “encouraged” him to make sure these results came out in favour of Power Plates? After all, the original article talks specifically about “Power Plates” and not vibrating platforms. It like calling vacuuming doing the Hoovering! There are plenty of other brands of vibrating plates out there, such as VibroGym – arguably a better and more relaible product so why is the study based on Power Plates?

……..or is that slanderous?

Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

Are you encouraged by this study or like me, a little cynical?

Britain Definitely Has Talent

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Ok, so it’s not a fitness, running or nutrition post as such, but i thought i’d share with you some rare seen talent.

Millions of us were left in hysterical fits of laughter after watching “Stavros Flately” and his son cut some shapes on the dance floor on “Britains Got Talent”  last weekend but I believe their talent is not a patch on what you are about to witness in the video above.

I think you’ll agree that the performer in the video above, has the potential talent to surpass anything Michael Flately did in River Dance and given some decent guidance, will set the world of dancing alight in the years to come.

This performer, i am proud to say, is my daughter and i ask you now to sit back, relax and witness a dance routine that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up on end.


Our Expanding Waist Line – Who’s to blame?

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

We're getting fatter

We're getting fatter - but who's to blame?

It’s a subject that will never go away and when it hits news it ruffles some feathers and gets the great British Public talking.

Who is to blame for our expanding waistline?

  • The Government for not educating the nation about healthy living?
  • McDonalds and KFC for plying us with cheap, children seducing, highly calorific pap?
  • Or, could it be us? Could the individual actually be responsible for the state of their own health and weight.

We’ve all seen the interviews and programes about fat people (or if i’m to be PC, overweight people) struggling to lose just a fraction of their 30 stone mass and claiming “its not my fault, its in the gene’s” or “exercise doesn’t work” etc.

Should we be sympathetic or is it an individuals lack of self discipline combined with sheer laziness to just go for a walk, which is why they haven’t seen their toes in years?

Have your say!