Tracing the Marathon’s Millions.


If you have’t yet seem the Dispatches Programme on Channel 4 on where exactly the money you raise for the marathon goes, then I strongly suggest you click on the image above and take a look.

I have long known the extortionate amounts of money that the race organisers charge every charity for a place and now it appears that Dispatches have a few questions of their own to ask.

As always there are always two sides to every story, so take a look at the Dispatches Programme, still available to view on the Channel 4 website, then take a look at The London Marathon Press Release in response to the programme and let us know your thoughts on the subject.

Did you have any idea of the facts in the Programme?

Disgusted with how much of you hard earned money goes to the Organisers?

Or is this just business and have Dispatches only given us a one eyed on the matter?

Post your comments below and let us know where you stand.

65 Responses to “Tracing the Marathon’s Millions.”

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