Does Weight Training Make Your Testicles Shrink?


Building a well defined musculature is something many men feel compelled to do to attract the opposite sex, but some have fallen for the myth that the more your muscles grow, the more your love spuds shrink. Fortunately, this is just not true. You can pump iron to your heart's content and have peace of mind that you will keep your virility and male pride intact - on the condition that you avoid performance enhancing drugs.

When men get seriously into body building, it is not uncommon to develop a condition known as muscle dysmorphia, where you develop an inferiority complex that you are not big enough. No matter how hard you train and how big you get, every time you look in the mirror you see a human beanpole staring back at you, giving you the added incentive to get bigger. This condition occurs in many top-class bodybuilders who would make the incredible hulk look scrawny yet they still believe they are too small. Muscle dysmorphia is a major reason why bodybuilders turn to drugs to develop the musculature and size they so desperately crave.

Although there are a range of products which can help build muscle, a commonly used drug is the male hormone testosterone. It is the injecting of this hormone which is responsible for making men's testicles and sex drive disappear, not the weight training itself. This fact often causes confusion, as many people believe that it is testosterone which is responsible for developing the testes, so surely by taking extra testosterone you'll grow testicles the size of rugby balls and have the libido of a sex-starved rabbit? Sadly, for wishful thinking men, that's not true.

By injecting testosterone, the body detects that it is being flooded with an alternative supply, so it shuts down its own production. What's the point in producing it when it's being supplied in abundance through a syringe? The only way to counter the ‘testicle shrinking' and libido sapping effects of testosterone is to inject another hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG), which stimulates the body to produce its own testosterone again. However, this is only a temporary measure - more often than not, it causes further endocrinological (hormonal) problems.

So the moral of the story is: if you want to keep weight training and your testicles the size God meant them to be, steer clear of drugs - your ego will not be able to handle the shrinkage.